All are welcome here to worship and serve God. By walking hand in hand and guided by the Holy Spirit we seek to be a community in prayer and service. We demonstrate God’s love by reaching out to each other in times of pain, sorrow and joy; bringing God’s light and love into the community of Salem and beyond.

All are welcome to worship and serve God:

In every way, by thought, word and deed, we seek to build God-honoring relationships with each other.

  • We seek to create positive loving relationships with each other
  • We choose to build each other up
  • We believe the best in each other, giving each other benefit of the doubt
  • We respect everyone’s participation and contribution as a joyful response in expressing God’s love

We will walk hand-in-hand even though we may not always see eye to eye:

Our approach to when we disagree will be gentle and loving.

  • We accept disagreements and conflicts as normal and natural
  • We communicate directly with those with whom we disagree
  • We speak for ourselves only
  • We focus on issues and facts, not personalities and assumptions

We seek to be a community in prayer that is guided by the Holy Spirit:

We strive to be respectful of one another’s point of view, to act with empathy and understanding of each other’s ideas and positions.

  • We offer our thoughts and opinions with clarity and humility
  • We will listen with a quiet body and clear mind
  • We will ask for help when we do not understand
  • We will respond with thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and without judgment