This Week at Tabernacle

July 21st, 2024


Join Team Tabernacle
for the “World Needs You Here” Walk…..
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Sunday, July 28 at 10am.    Salem Common

The Tabernacle Missions committee is looking forward to participating in Mental Makeover’s “The World Needs You Here” Walk on Sunday, July 28 at 10am. 

All net proceeds will go to Mental Makeover, and scholarships created in memory of Marc Lemieux and Sarah “Sas” Starion.

 Team Tabernacle is walking in memory of Marc Lemieux. We are ordering t-shirts in Marc’s honor and will be reaching out for T-Shirt sizes. If you’d like to join us, please check out the link below for more details and to register:

When asked if you would like to join a team, please be sure to click yes and join Tabernacle Church. If you would like to walk and need assistance with the registration fee, please reach out to Rev. Joe. For general questions, please reach out to Madeleine Lutts, We hope to see you at the walk!

Thank You.

To donate to Marc’s scholarship directly, please write a check to ENSATS (Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School). Please write in the memo “for Marc Lemieux Scholarship”.

Mail to: Shelby Collins, Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School,
565 Maple Street, Hawthorne, MA 01937


A Message from Reverend Joe …

Dear Members and friends:

I’ve been doing updates along the way to educate our congregation on what, we in the UCC, call the Member in Discernment process.  This is the process where a member of our church explores their call to ordained ministry.  This year our Deacons established two Local Church Discernment Committees (so called in the Manual on Ministry of the UCC) because two of our members have indicated they have a call to ordained ministry.  Last week, one of these LCDC’s met with Jess Acosta who was our intern from September 2021 to June 2023.  In March of 2023, Jess transferred their membership from Old South Church in Boston to Tabernacle.  The first step in the discernment process is to meet with the LCDC and present A Spiritual Journey & Call Paper, paying special attention to their understanding of their call in and on behalf of the United Church of Christ at this time: Reflection on and Demonstration of the Marks of Faithful and Effective Authorized Ministers (a document outlined in the UCC Manual on Ministry); Professional Resume or CV, including work, education, civic, church and other pertinent experience; All academic transcripts from any undergraduate and graduate school experience, including seminary and four letters of reference in support of the person entering the process of authorization in ministry.  After meeting with Jess and examining all the forementioned paperwork, the committee unanimously voted to forward a recommendation to our church Council that we recommend to the Northeast Association Committee on Formation that Tabernacle recommends going forward to the next steps in discernment of such a call.   Last night the Council approved the recommendation of Jess’ LCDC and our co-moderators will be passing the action of that vote on to the NEA Committee on Formation.

The Committee on Formation will schedule an initial interview with Jess this fall.  They, too, will review all those materials and will dig deeper into why Jess believes Jess is called to be a UCC ordained clergyperson.  The members of our LCDC, chaired by Stephen Fisher, will be invited to that interview, representing Tabernacle along with me as our pastor and Jess’ Ministerial Advisor.  If the Association committee votes “yes”, Jess will officially be a Member in Discernment in the UCC.  Jess will then be assigned a Committee Advisor who will work with Jess and our LCDC in the discernment process, hopefully leading up to an Ecclesiastical Council and then ordination, all of which will take place here at Tabernacle.  Our last such ecclesiastical council and ordination was Amy Davin back in 2020.

That means in the upcoming months your prayers are solicited for Jess, our LCDC, and the Association Committee on Formation as we all help Jess discern their call to ordained ministry.  We will be giving Jess more opportunities to participate in leading worship, the sacraments, and other pastoral duties while undergoing this discernment process.  It’s an exciting and holy time for our congregation and for Jess.


See you in church or on zoom!

Reverend Joe