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Action Groups

All Action Groups and delegates are selected to promote progress towards the fulfillment of the Church’s mission.

The Tabernacle Council

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The Tabernacle Council is not an Action Group. The Council consists of two Co-moderators, a Clerk, a Treasurer, a Financial Secretary and an Assistant Financial Secretary. The Called Pastor and at least four at-large members chosen from the congregation complete the council. The Council is basically a group that is charged with soliciting and listening to the many voices of the congregation. It is the guiding hand for the many decisions and actions on the part insuring that the organization and resources of the church are directed toward the fulfillment of the church’s mission statement and any specific goals adopted by congregation.

Christian Education Action Group

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Christian Education Action Group at Tabernacle Church nurtures the faith formation and spiritual growth through worship, education, prayer, song, mission work, youth groups and intergenerational activities.

We strive to recognize God’s light in ourselves and in each other. Christian Education provides nursery care for infants-preschoolers. Sunday school is provided for kindergarden-8th grade using God Play for younger children and Feasting on the Word curriculum for tweens and teens. Confirmation classes are offered for teens. Bible Study is offered for adults.

We follow Jesus’ example reaching out to our community locally and globally. Youth Groups for elementary, middle school and high school youth offer opportunity to complete service activities and mission work and to build a fun community together.

Intergenerational worship services include Communion Sundays (the first Sunday of the month), Maundy Thursday, Easter Sunrise service and the Christmas Pageant.



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The Deacons are primarily responsible for the spiritual life of the church. It shall be the duty of the Deacons to support the Pastor in discerning and nurturing the spirit in Tabernacle Church. In particular they support the Pastor in carrying out the life of the Spirit through confirmation, Pastoral care, worship, baptism, communion, weddings, funerals, and special services. The Deacons welcome new members into the church and are concerned with the nurturing and care of all members.


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Hospitality coordinates the weekly coffee hour following Sunday Service each week. They Host and provide refreshments for Church and Community assembles. They partner or assist other Action Groups as needed with their events. They are also involved with assisting the Deacons in welcoming and providing refreshments for new member activities. They also host special celebrations like the Annual Christmas Luncheon, and Pot-Luck gatherings.

Working Hard in Boston 2014


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The purpose of the Missions Action Group at Tabernacle Church is to build healthy and God-centered relationships beyond the borders of the Church. It is the responsibility of the Missions Action Group to be the expression through useful projects of our common humanity under God with those in the wider community. These projects may connect us with neighbors locally, nationally and throughout the world. These projects should facilitate both giving and receiving so as to nourish the lives of all concerned and deepen the congregation’s relationship with God. These projects are inspired by our relationship with Jesus Christ. Some of the projects that the Missions Action Group supports are monthly meals at Lifebridge, Habitat for Humanity builds, the walk for HAWC and Partners in Development of Ipswich with the sponsorship of a child in Guatemala.

Music and Arts Committee

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The Music and Arts is charged with enhancing the worship experience at Tabernacle Church. Music, both vocal and instrumental, is an important medium for our communion with God and each other.

The Music and Arts Committee will formulate and administer programs to stimulate and support the musical and artistic growth of the congregation. Scared Arts will promote the education, interest in, support and actual involvement of the congregation in matters of artistic spirituality.